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Research Your International Move

The Best Ways to Research Your International Move

A great deal of research is necessary for an effective international relocation. Fortunately, in today’s technical age, a lot of this research can be done online. We have provided a summary below of some of the most essential things to research when preparing to relocate to another country and the most effective means to locate that information.

Information on Visas

Researching the visa process for your destination country may be the most important item to take care of. Visas clarify how and why you can enter a foreign nation. Most countries have quite a few different courses of action to getting an approved visa.

  • You will want to visit the nation’s consulate office, embassy or their respective websites. Unfortunately, Tourism sites will not typically have actual visa information.
  • You will always need a passport, but be sure to understand all the required documentation needed for a Visa.
  • Be sure to check for any special policies that could allow for non-visa travel or visas issued after arrival.
  • You will want to review all visas and find the one that best suits your reasons for moving along with the period of time you plan on remaining.
  • Luckily, some government websites will permit you to apply for a visa online.

What You Should Know About Customs Regulations

When visiting the consulate or on the website, be sure to look up information regarding the customs regulations for your destination. Your belongings are being shipped to another country, so you have to know exactly what is restricted and exactly what needs to be declared.

  • The regulations as well as policies for every country’s customs differ significantly. They also change constantly so be sure to find the most up to date information.
  • Weapons and pornography are prohibited in almost all countries.
  • If you are moving anything very expensive, know that it will usually need to go through customs.
  • It is important to know what is allowed as to not lose any of your belongings if you attempt to bring them in.

Federal Government and Social Considerations

Culture shock in a brand-new country can be fairly debilitating. While it’s not as important as the requirements for entry into the country, you must know what to expect when you arrive. It is always best to stay in a foreign nation and not be entirely perplexed by your surroundings. Unintentionally breaking an unknown law or cultural taboo might have significant effects.

  • Make sure you recognize your location’s fundamental government policies and also structure. It will certainly inform you of the basic cultural climate in the country.
  • Do not always go off of tourist-focused websites. Talk to the natives or other travelers to see what the social climate is like. Forums are another avenue to always try.
  • When researching neighborhoods, try to be specific as possible. Like the United States, different areas may hold various values and beliefs.
  • Take notice of how the natives dress. You may need to conform if you want to fit in.
  • Be sure to learn about the currency, exchange rate, real estate policies and other financial factors.
  • Try to understand the dominant languages, faiths and political party of your destination. You should be able to find this information online for most countries.

Questions for Your International Movers

Understand that research is not limited just for your destination country. You should be prepares to ask your international movers questions as well. If you cannot ask your moving company directly, you have to research their policies yourself. After you locate a credible international moving firm, understand just what they can do for you during your relocation. There will likely be a partner company or freight forwarder that you additionally will need to contact.

  • What type of experience do you have with my destination country?
  • Will I be provided an in-house quote?
  • How does pricing work and payments handled?
  • What international qualifications do you have?
  • Will the service be door to door or will the belongings stop at a port or another location?
  • What partner company will you be using in the destination country?
  • Do you work with freight forwarders? Can I call them?
  • what are my insurance coverage options?
  • Do you provide any type of storage space choices?
  • Will you assist me with customs in my destination country?

You should be able to locate this information on any reputable international moving company’s website or be given by one of their representatives.

After you make the effort to do the research, you can with confidence begin your journey to your new destination armed with knowledge regarding what to take, who to talk with, and exactly what to anticipate in your brand-new residence.

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