What are the Best Countries for Expats?

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When looking ahead to the new year, you might be considering making a big move abroad, or otherwise relocating for a period of time. If you’re thinking of making the move overseas, you’ll want to do a lot of thorough research regarding which country you think you’d like to move to, when, and how. Moving in general isn’t always an easy process, and only gets more complicated when you take into account moving overseas and all of the logistics that go into it. Here is a list of some of the best countries for expats.


However, if you’re just at the planning stage for now, there’s no need to stress just yet. For now, focus on choosing where you’d like to move, and why! Consider a bunch of different options before narrowing down which country you think might be right for you. Consider the tax laws in these countries, visa restrictions (or lack thereof), and in general how friendly the locals and government are toward foreigners. 


Best Places for Live Abroad for American Expats

There are a ton of countries out there which make great places to live for American expats. Many have favorable tax laws for foreigners, great work possibilities, lovely weather, and just great things to offer! For some of the best places to live abroad for foreigners, keep reading!




The first thing you might think of when you think of moving to Thailand is its beautiful scenery, beaches, and islands. And you would be right! Thailand is a stunning country with beautiful weather, but that’s not everything it has to offer! 


Thailand has a ton of great places to live as an expat, whether you’re looking for vibrant cities with a ton of job opportunities, like Bangkok, or laid back beachside or island towns. The country also has very expat/foreigner-friendly tax laws, which make it a very appealing place to move to for foreigners. Additionally, its low costs of living only make it even better! English is also widely spoken, especially in larger cities with high expat populations.




Though Switzerland can be expensive, the country offers breathtaking scenery and amazing job opportunities for those looking to move overseas. Additionally, the country has very foreigner/expat-friendly school systems, and English is widely spoken. 




New Zealand is a widely-known hotspot for American expats, and with its beautiful landscape, high quality of life, and wonderful weather, there’s no question as to why. The country offers lovely beaches, picturesque mountains, and intriguing forests to explore, and also has mild winters and summers. 


If you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand, know that competition is fierce! Do your research as to how to get the proper visa that will allow you to work and find a job in the country. 




A big attractor of expats, Spain is known for its beautiful and varied towns and cities, lovely landscapes, ideal weather, and high quality of life. Additionally, Spain’s healthcare system can make it very attractive to expats (especially American ones). Spain has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and offers free access to anything you need if you’re working and living there. 


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