10 Ways to Prepare Your Home Before Moving Internationally

Allied New Hampshire International Movers

When you’ve just bought a new home, and especially if you’ve just purchased your first home, it can be incredibly easy to get swept up in the excitement and want to move in immediately. However, it’s important to take your time with this process, and make sure your home is as ready for you as you are for it. 


Before you start hauling furniture in, assess what about your home you might want to update or change while things are still clear and not in the way. Even if this home is perfect and everything you’ve ever wanted, if you want to change out some flooring or paint a room, the time is now!

So what kind of projects are we really referring to here? Read below for our 10 things to get out of the way before moving into your new home. 




Before you have to worry about moving furniture, avoiding rooms to let paint dry, or other factors that come with painting, get any painting you want to do in your new home out of the way while the coast is still clear. 




If the ceilings in your home are a little older or could use some resurfacing (looking at you, popcorn ceilings), make sure to have that carried out prior to moving in furniture. No one wants to just move in and already have to start covering furniture for home projects!




If you’re not a fan of the flooring in some parts of your new home now, you definitely won’t be a fan of it later. Take care of that soon rather than later and have some reflooring done before furniture is a factor. 




If you have pets or children that are used to having free range of a fenced in yard, get fencing installed (or redone if needed) before they come to the new place. This can be a safety issue, so better safe than sorry. Plus, they can run around on moving day while you do the heavy lifting!




Even the tiniest leaks can become big problems later on, so if you or your home inspector notices any leaks prior to move in, get those taken care of as soon as possible. 




Before you bring your things over, figure out which stuff you want to go in which closet, and create extra storage spaces if needed. This will save you a lot of time and clutter on move-in day. 




This is one that is often forgotten about, but switch out the locks on your new place for an added sense of security. 




A really simple project to get out of the way before you start moving in is to go around to all of the alarms in your new home and change out any batteries. If the alarms look super old, or just like they’ve seen better days, replace them.




Another simple project to get out of the way is to change all of the filters out in your heating and cooling systems. This both will give you better air quality, and will have your systems working at maximum efficiency when you move in.




If you have children, definitely don’t leave childproofing your home until the last minute, or until they’re already there. Get that out of the way early and avoid injuries!


Congratulations! Whether you’re a first time homeowner, or if this is just your upgrade, buying a new home is always an exciting experience. Before you jump the gun and rush into making your big move, take on any projects or small updates that could use to be done before you’re trying to get settled. Most importantly,  make your house your own before you even start moving in. This is a new and exciting journey – have fun with it!