Best Cities to Live in Germany

Streets of Germany

Heading abroad this year? If you’re interested in heading to Germany this year, you wouldn’t be alone. This country is extremely beautiful, has amazing, low-cost (or free!) education, great job opportunities, and plenty to see and do. It’s also very American-friendly, though its Visa regulations can often be rather strict. However, if you’re looking for the best cities to move to in Germany, we’ve got everything you need to know to find your perfect next location. 


Why Move to Germany?

Germany is one of the best places to move for Expats far and wide. The quality of life for Expats is very good, and the language also isn’t far off from English, so it will be easier for English speakers to learn than many other languages. Additionally, English is already pretty widely spoken and understood, especially in German cities, so you’ll be able to get around fairly easily. 

Let’s get into the best cities to live in Germany for expats in 2022. 




Frankfurt is a great German city to move to for expats, especially if your German isn’t very good yet, or if you don’t speak it at all. There are many English-speaking jobs here as well. The hub of the German banking scene in the country, Frankfurt has many jobs available, a huge nightlife scene, great architecture, and plenty to do. 




The second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg has a ton to do. It’s got an amazing nightlife scene, a lot of open-minded people, and a lifestyle that’s very suited to expats. 




Berlin is always a buzz with something to do or something to see. This city has amazing educational institutions, arts, and cultural centers, and is also known for its great food and amazing nightlife. You’ll find many other expats and English speakers here, and will be able to experience a lot of different things and meet many different kinds of people. 




This city is a great option for expats looking for work in startups or in the tech industry. It’s sleepy during the week, lively on the weekends, and always has something new going on for you to experience or explore. 




Though Munich is the most expensive city to live in in Germany, the area is very beautiful and hosts a range of events, nightlife cultures, and just things to do in general. People are wealthier and a bit more conservative here, but the city remains a hotspot for expats, and you’ll be able to find a group of like-minded people that you can get along with within this city. 

If you’re looking to move to Germany as an expat, you’re making a great choice. Germany is full of culture, social scenes, great educational institutions, and fantastic job opportunities for expats. Additionally, especially if you’re located in a larger city, you’ll be able to mesh with the people and find your own social circle – all while having a good quality of life as a traveler! 


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