Best Countries to Move to in 2022

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As more and more people transition to working from home permanently amidst the ongoing pandemic, a lot of people have been eyeing other countries as somewhere to make a home for themselves. In this article we will look at some of the best reasons to move overseas, and some of the best countries to move to this year.

Beyond just having the opportunity to travel while having a secure job, many business professionals are looking to the EXPAT lifestyle as a change from their everyday life, and as a way to experience other cultures and other beautiful areas – especially after being stuck at home for the last 2 years! If you’re exploring your options for moving abroad, know that it’s not as easy as just picking up your things and heading to a new land. 

Make sure that no matter where you’re headed, you’ve properly researched the country, the customs, cultural differences with the United States that might catch you off guard, quality of life, government services, and the VISA requirements or travel restrictions that might be in place for those looking to move. 

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s discover the best places for Americans to move to in 2022. 


Where to Move Abroad in 2022

If you’re looking to make the move abroad in 2022, there are so many amazing countries to choose from. The list we’ve compiled is based around a variety of factors, however, including gender and race equality, public attitudes toward the LGBT+ community, the state of the country’s economy, environmental attitudes, and overall quality of life. 




It probably comes as no surprise that New Zealand comes in at #1 on our list, as the country is already a well-known and sought after place to live for people across the world. New Zealand not only is home to a more laid-back approach to life than what you might experience in the United States, but has some of the most beautiful landscapes and sceneries you’ll see anywhere. 

The country also boasts a very high quality of life, and has positive views on LGBT+, gender, and racial equality , as well as a government that stays conscious of social and environmental issues. 




Another top destination for many expats, Switzerland is another country that features incredible landscapes, great food, and an amazing quality of life. 

Switzerland has a booming economy, and has great healthcare as well. Additionally, who can deny the allure of the beautiful ski slopes the country is famous for?!




Australia may not be somewhere you’d first think of when it comes to expat destinations, but this country is actually hugely popular amongst expats from the UK and Europe (and a growing number of Americans!). 

Australia has incredible scenery, and amazing opportunities to explore the countryside and see animals and mind-blowing places like the Great Barrier Reef or Uluru. Australia also has a great (and free) healthcare system, and also has positive views of the LGBT+ community and gender and racial equality issues. 




Known as one of the most liberal countries in the world, Norway has amazing landscapes and scenery, as well as incredibly progressive and innovative approaches to being environmentally-friendly in all aspects of life. 




Like Norway, Sweden is incredibly progressive and very liberal – and especially emphasizes gender equality. Sweden is also very firm when it comes to providing work-life balances for its citizens. 

In addition to its very high quality of life, Sweden features incredible areas to explore, whether it’s the country’s beautiful forests or amazing architecture in its cities. 

If you’re eyeing a move abroad in 2022, make sure to do your research! Because these countries are so great, they’re often rather tough to get a VISA for due to competition. However, if all goes well, make sure to have the right international movers on your side to provide you with unparalleled international relocation services.

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