Best Destinations for International Summer Jobs


With summer just around the corner, people might be feeling the urge to get a move on as temperatures heat up. 


The upcoming season makes for the perfect weather and conditions to embark on the international move you’ve always wanted to embark on, and finding a great international job for the summer could very well turn into a permanent relocation that can change your life! If you’re looking to make a move to a new country this summer, there are certain hotspots for summer destinations that also offer plenty of job opportunities for those looking to work abroad in 2022.


Best Places to Work Abroad Summer 2022 

If the idea of moving abroad and finding a great job in another country appeals to you, read on for some great countries with work abroad opportunities this year before you make your move. 




Spain is a top destination for tourists and expats alike, and it’s easy to see why. With the endless sunny days, beautiful landscapes and amazing culture, Spain is one of the most traveled-to summer destinations in all of Europe for a reason. 


Spain also has a bunch of opportunities for those looking for summer jobs abroad during the summer. Hospitality jobs in particular are in easy supply during the summer, including not only in the capital of Madrid, but in other destinations like Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona, and Benidorm. 


If you’re primarily an English speaker, many of these positions will also be great for you due to the influx of English and English-speaking tourists to the country. It will however of course help you to learn Spanish if you’re looking to move permanently. 




Greece is another top destination for those looking to work abroad, or to take their existing remote work overseas with them. Between amazing food, fascinating and rich culture and history, but beautiful landscapes, beaches, and overall climate, tons of people flock to the country to incorporate themselves into the Greek lifestyle. 


The most summer jobs that pop up for expats over the summer who are looking to get a boost when putting down roots in the country are found on the more tourist-heavy islands off the mainland. Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini offer a ton of hospitality jobs while rewarding you with a low-cost lifestyle and beautiful scenery. 




With beautiful picturesque cities like Lisbon and Porto, plus a low cost of living and beautiful coast that’s a tourist magnet, you’ll have no trouble finding a great summer job in Portugal. Especially in the Algarve region, you’ll be able to move to the country and find a great summer job to fill your season with memories. 




With the plethora of summer job opportunities thanks to its tons and tons of bars and restaurants frequented by summer tourists, you’ll be able to move to Cyrus and enjoy your beautiful summer while remaining employed. Larnaca and Ayia Napa are great places to look for hospitality jobs. 




Though it’s not quite as easy to get a job in The Netherlands as it is in some of our other top destinations, the pay is generally much better than in other destinations. There are many English-speaking jobs throughout The Netherlands in hospitality, bars, and restaurants, and the country is known for being extremely multicultural. This makes it a lot easier for expats looking to get a foot in the door in the country, as it’s very English-speaking friendly and an increasingly popular choice for university students as well. 


If you’re looking to make a move this summer, one of these destinations could be a prime spot for you to get a start on your expat lifestyle. Looking for the best international moving company to help you make your move abroad easy? Look no further than Allied International for everything you’ve been looking for in professional international movers.