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How World Governments Affect Your Relocation

If you have always wanted to move internationally, but have not decided which country to move to, one important aspect to consider is the type of government in the country you might be moving to. Government regulations will play a huge role in exactly what you are allowed to do, and to own, as an immigrant in their land. Furthermore, you will not want to move to a country that has a vastly different set of values from your own. Researching the type of government online and finding out the types of laws that they are passing should give you great idea of the types of values the residents there have. While it is important to understand the common types of government a country could have, also remember that every country is different, and could run their country differently from another country that has a similar style of government. However, the three most common types of government are a democracy, a monarchy, and a dictatorship.

In a democracy, or a republic, the government is run by elected officials that are voted on by the public. The word democracy means that the government is run by the people, however very few true democracies still exist as it is not feasible for that many people to agree on a certain law. Most countries that are democratic are actually republics, like the United States. This means that the populace has elected officials that vote on issues on their behalf. This is the most common form of government for “developed” nations, so moving from one country to another that both share this form of government should not require that much of an adjustment. Although you should note that most Republics do not allow immigrates to vote on public officials or referendums.

Types of Government Not Seen in the United States

Another popular type of government is a monarchy, although it is not near as popular as it used to be. A monarchy means that the country is ruled by a king or queen who have control over how the country is ran. The lineage for a king or queen usually stays within the same family. While it may seem like a dictatorship, usually in a monarchy there are advisors that act as a democratic official representing an area of the kingdom. When most people think of a monarchy in modern times, they think of the United Kingdom. While they are still technically a monarchy, the royal family there no longer has any political power. The country is actually run by the Parliament, which is similar to the Congress of the United States, which makes the country a republic.

The last popular form of government is a dictatorship. This is absolute rule from one person or party. The leaders of the country may say that they are elected, but this is not necessarily true. Ironically, a lot of countries that have phrases like “The Democratic Republic of” or “The People’s Republic of” are actually a dictatorship in disguise. One form of a dictatorship is communism. In communist countries, there are usually a lot of restrictions on things like the media and entertainment. If you are moving from a country that is a republic, into a country that is run by a dictator, you will likely be in for a huge culture shock, if you are allowed in at all. The rights of the people are vastly different, and you will need to do thorough research on what is and is not legal within the country.

A new type of government is starting to emerge that is a twist on the old monarchy values known as an Aristocracy. This is a form of government that is controlled by the wealthiest people in the country. Although there are not many countries under this top of rule, they do exist. In fact, there are people out there that will tell you the United States is more of an Aristocracy than a Republic, but this is officially not the case. If you are moving to a country that practices an Aristocracy, expect to find huge differences and divides from one class to the next.

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