How to Choose International Movers for Your Next Relocation

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Whether you’re gearing up to move yourself, your family, or even your business, there’s a lot that goes into an international move. No matter if your move is big or small, the process of moving overseas can be incredibly overwhelming, and you might not even know where to start when it comes to preparing properly for a move like this. 


Though there are a ton of international moving companies out there, choosing the wrong movers for you can cause you a lot of unneeded stress and hardship. After all, with a move of this scope, there’s no reason to make it harder than it has to be! When it comes to looking for the best international moving companies, we’ve got the best tips to help you make the right decision for you. 


Tips for Choosing a Professional International Moving Company

Before we get into how to choose the right international moving company for you, we’ll get into how to know which movers are right for you. The best way to make sure you’re using the right international movers for you? 


By using Allied International’s professional international moving services! With over 130 years of successful international moves under our belts and an amazing customer service team that is here to help you with anything you might along the way, we’ll ensure that you have the right international moving experience for you. 


However, whether you invest in our moving services or not, we want to make sure that you’re working with the right international moving company for you. For the top tips for choosing an international moving company, keep reading. 




When it comes to moving companies of all sorts, you want to look into their reputation to make sure you’re working with a reputable business. When looking into international moving companies, you should always look into online review sites, the Better Business Bureau, and ask around for customers’ experience with your movers to make sure you’re working with a good company. 




Always only work with a moving company that specializes specifically in international moving. Never work with a company that has never handled customs or the many different factors that come along with a move of this scope. 




You should always look for an international moving company with experience in working with customs formalities and the regulations that come with the country you’re moving to. A good international moving company will run you through what to expect with customs, and any anticipated charges for fees and customs duties. 




Because there are so many extra factors involved with any international move, you should start the packing and moving process as early as possible so you’re as prepared as possible. You’ll need to arrange paperwork, and will need to work with your movers to coordinate the shipment of your things overseas within the right timeline. 




Don’t just opt to go with the first international moving company you speak to. Make sure to shop around and get multiple estimates to ensure that you’re getting the right services at the right prices.