How to Move to the Netherlands for Expats

Move to the Netherlands

As one of the most popular countries to move to for expats, the Netherlands is known for its hospitality to foreigners, high standard of living, beautiful scenery, and opportunities for international workers. Particularly, the widely-loved capital city of Amsterdam provides a huge draw for international job seekers in its burgeoning tech and finance industries. 


If you’re looking to move to the Netherlands this year for either new opportunities or just to enjoy a new lifestyle and new environment in the country, there are certain things to take care of before you make your big jump. For the ultimate checklist for moving to the Netherlands, follow our complete guide to get in the know. 


Netherlands Moving Checklist

It’s easy to picture the Netherlands as an idyllic land full of beautiful canals, bikes, and Dutch history. However, though the Netherlands provides its citizens with a high standard of living, it can often prove to be too expensive to live there for many expats. That being said, since the country is pretty small, commuters and travelers can enjoy well-priced and well-connected public transport that will let them live in cheaper areas and easily commute to larger cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. 


If you want to move to this lovely country, here are some steps to take to be well prepared: 




Just like with moving to any foreign country, you’ll want to do your complete research regarding the requirements for immigrating there and make sure you understand the stipulations and timelines for acquiring a visa, especially for non-EU residents staying longer than 4 months. 




When moving to the Netherlands, you’ll of course need the right international moving company on your side to properly transport your belongings to the country. This can be a stressful process, so you’ll want to have experienced international movers like Allied International on your side. Our decades of experience in international moving will allow you to approach your move without stress and with confidence. 




When moving to the Netherlands, you’ll want to make sure that you’re financially ready for your move, and for the living expenses that come with living in the country. When moving abroad, you’ll want to consider the following: 





Once you’ve prepared, and have looked for a job and housing in the Netherlands, you’ll be good to go to start your new life in this country! The Netherlands is a beautiful country with a lot to offer native and foreign residents alike. No matter where in the country you’re looking to relocate, make sure you have the right professional international moving company on your side for the transition. Allied International will make your entire international move run smoothly for the right prices.