How to Move Your Car Overseas

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If you’re about to tackle a big international move, you might be wondering how best to move particularly bulky items. From pool tables to cars, moving these items overseas can be hard to coordinate if you don’t have the right international movers or moving services on your side. 


The Right International Auto Moving Company

The first thing to do when researching international car moving options is to check to see if your international movers offer automotive moving services. If you’re already working with Allied International for your other full-service moving needs, you’ll be pleased to know you can talk with our expert team of moving specialists to coordinate your car’s international moving needs. 


On top of our regular service international moving options, Allied International is proud to be a go-to for those looking to move their car, boat, or motorcycle abroad


Why Move Your Car Overseas? 

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to bring your car overseas with you, it’s good to hear the reasons for doing so from others who have already made their relocation. 


There are plenty of reasons to take your car with you overseas, but is it worth the hassle? For many people, yes it is. It can be more cost effective than buying another car once you arrive in your new area, and it might just be something you want to bring with you for comfort in your new area. It’s nice to have things that you’re already familiar with in your new area, and can help you with your transition and in getting used to your new life. 


Especially if your company or new job is paying for your move (or reimbursing you), it might be a lot easier and cost effective to bring your car with you rather than selling it and buying a new one later on. 


How to Ship Your Car Internationally

Now that you’ve made the decision as to whether or not to bring your car with you during an overseas move, it’s time to determine the right method to do so. 


There are a lot of international vehicle moving services out there, but Allied International is proud to offer you the most affordable options for your move. We have containerized moving options, which entails us loading your vehicle safely and securely into a moving container made of steel, which will keep your car safe from weather or any extreme conditions. 


We also have full container load and less than container load options for moving your car. FCL is generally considered to be more cost effective and cheaper than less than container load options, as it’s easier to ship and is delivered to you much faster. However, LCL lets you split up items and ship in smaller quantities, which is a good advantage for those moving multiple vehicles or items along with their cars. However, this option also allows other items to be stored and shipped in the same container as your items, which you wouldn’t have control over. 


We also have on-deck moving options, as well as roll-on, roll-off services. On-deck moving options are less popular due to them being less protective of your vehicle than RO-RO. RO-RO involves driving your vehicle onto the ship and then driven off directly. The vehicle is also secured and tied down to keep it safe during transport. This is a budget-friendly option that also saves you from having to pay warehouse or container related expenses.  


Now that you’ve explored all of the options available for moving your car internationally, get the process started with Allied International’s car moving services and learn more today.