How to Pack Clothes for International Moving

how to pack clothes for international moving

Planning on moving abroad soon? If you’re headed overseas soon, odds are you’re probably stressed about packing your clothes, and whether you can pack efficiently or even take all of your things with you in the first place. When it comes to learning how to pack clothes for moving abroad, there are certain things to keep in mind that will let you pack your items smartly and with the right strategy. Want to learn more about strategic overseas packing? Read more for our best tips for packing for an international move. 


What’s the Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving? 

When you’re starting to prepare your moving abroad checklist, one of the most important things you can do is stay organized and get everything you need to be prepared before you start the actual packing process. If you don’t pack with a strategy in mind, you can cause yourself to be charged more for your international move, cause yourself unnecessary stress, and even have problems moving your things or unpacking later on. Staying organized and having a plan is key to making sure your international packing goes smoothly.


Before you tackle any part of the packing process for a move overseas, you’re going to want to first declutter your things in a big way. Moving abroad is a big deal, and can be expensive if you try to take everything with you without clearing anything out. 


When decluttering for a move abroad, the first thing you’ll want to get rid of are clothes that don’t fit or work for you anymore. If you don’t wear them now, you won’t wear them after your move! Get rid of anything that will take up unnecessary space or that will cause your move to be more expensive due to its possible weight. 


Don’t bother packing anything that can be easily replaced – just donate or sell it and replace these items once you touch down in your new country. This can also help to significantly reduce your moving costs, which can be especially useful if you’re looking to move internationally on a budget. 


How to Pack for Moving Abroad

If you’re looking for a way to have the most efficient international move possible, you’re going to want to of course pack efficiently, too! If you’re using an international moving company, pack your items in regular moving boxes. However, try to get boxes that are extra strong or fortified to make sure they make the journey with no issues. 


Wrap your things in bags or other protective items just in case to keep out any elements from the weather, as well as bugs or pests. You can also of course use vacuum-sealed or compression bags. Don’t forget to also utilize your regular suitcases as well!


What to Pack First for Moving Overseas

Pack garments that are considered out of season first when moving, and make sure to research your new country’s weather to make sure you’re prepared and will be dressed correctly upon your arrival. 


When packing clothes, always make sure never to fold them and throw them in boxes or totes as-is. The name of the game when it comes to packing is always going to be to roll your garments. This will let you increase your storage space, save time, and save your clothes from excessive wrinkling. Rolling your items will also be an easier method if you’re using compression bags. 


Make sure to set aside your essentials, as well as the clothing items you’ll immediately need post-arrival. Have enough clothes for the first few days or weeks after arriving. Once your items arrive, you can start unboxing the rest of your things, as well as furniture and larger items. 


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