International Moving Book Packing Guide


Books are something most people have in their home, and are easy to acquire one too many of. In fact, you might not notice you have as many books are you do until you have to move all of them. This is especially true for academics, researchers, and scientists who may need to move internationally. Unfortunately, because they’re not on people’s radar as much, having to pack a ton of books right before moving might take some by surprise. If you’ve discovered you’ve acquired a huge number of books over the years, read below for some packing tips and tricks to make sure your books don’t derail your packing process.


Luckily for you, packing books is a lot easier than packing oddly-shaped items, like plates or glasses. They can also be pretty easily narrowed down – keep only your favorite books or ones you haven’t read yet. If a book has been collecting dust on your bookcase and doesn’t spark your interest, donate it. Somebody will make use of it!


Packing Books: Why is it Such a Hassle?

Even though they’re sized conveniently and are relatively easy to organize, the problem with moving books usually comes down to weight. Stacking books and throwing them all in one box might sound like an easy solution, until you go to lift it. Especially if you’re using a moving service that prices your move based on weight, it might be in your best interest to narrow down your collection.


Sort and Organize Your Books

Organize your books into ‘bring’ and ‘leave’ piles. If you didn’t like the book, don’t have an interest or reading it, or just forgot you had it, leave it behind. If it’s a favorite or if you’d like to keep it to reread, take it along with you. Try not to get too sentimental – most books can be easily replaced after your move.


Once you’ve narrowed down your collection, bring them to a donation site, Goodwill, or to a secondhand bookstore to get rid of them. If they’re in good condition, it will be easy to get rid of them. If a book is in terrible condition, just get rid of it. No use burdening yourself or someone else with a book that’s only barely readable.


Pack your remaining books in a strong container, rolling suitcases, or something that is fortified to keep them safe. Store them in a way that is best for organizing and keeping your books safe, and load them up! You’ve successfully avoided the hassle that often comes with moving a book collection.

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