Moving Tips for First-Time Expats

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International moving is an intimidating process for anyone, no matter if you’ve done so before or if you’re looking into moving overseas for the first-time. For first-time expats, it’s also easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving abroad, while not taking enough time to actually give yourself enough time to make the proper preparations to head overseas successfully. 


Choosing to move abroad and start the expat lifestyle is certainly a way to expand your horizons, live a more alternative lifestyle, and experience new things. Taking the road less traveled can make a huge difference in the quality of life. People who want to see what the world has to offer can make a gigantic difference in happiness and how excited you are for what you’re taking on everyday. However, if you’re looking into moving abroad, you should always be proactive and take the right steps and precautions to keep yourself prepared and safe before and during your journey. 


Before you start on your moving abroad checklist, there are some other things you need to do to prepare yourself for your first time moving overseas. For first-time expats in particular, having these tips is imperative to keeping you and your family safe and well-prepared for your journey. 


How to Move Overseas for the First Time

Before you head abroad, knowing what to anticipate and think about before you begin your journey makes a huge difference in preparedness and in allowing you to settle into your new home safely and comfortably. 


The following are some of the most important things you should take care of when you begin your journey as an expat. 




If you’re early on in your planning process for moving abroad, you may not have even chosen where you’re headed to yet. When considering places for you to relocate to overseas, consider the climate, quality of life, and overall lifestyle and pace of a place you’d like to move to. Also consider how much day-to-day living expenses differ from what you’re used to, and what kind of requirements the countries in question have for you to immigrate or move there. 




After figuring out where you want to move to, you should quickly figure out what your housing situation will be, whether temporary or permanent. If you’re not able to visit the country easily or often to get a feel for the housing market or what you’ll be able to rent or buy there, you can also set up longer term stays at hotels or Airbnbs to give you time to house or apartment hunt. 




One of the most time-consuming parts of moving overseas is submitting paperwork and waiting for approval. Whether this involves getting or renewing passports, submitting and waiting for student, work, or tourist visas to get approved, or even citizenship applications, starting and submitting your paperwork and getting the documents you need to as early as possible makes a world of difference in ensuring your smooth and safe entry to your new country. Visa and passport processes can easily take even two months to process, so make sure you begin the process with this in mind, and leave yourself plenty of time to get things in order. 




One of the hardest things for first-time expats is moving away from family members, and the differing opinions of people in your family regarding your move. 


Remember, though your decision is entirely your own and you should always go with your gut and what you feel is right, it can never hurt to get advice or opinions from trusted family members regarding your move and how to prepare for it. Their support can be a big factor in how confident you are in going abroad, so always talk to them before making a big decision like this – especially if you have children that will be coming along with you. 




One of the most isolating things you can experience in your new country is not knowing the language, and hence having a hard time communicating day-to-day if English is not widely spoken in your new country. 


Learning or becoming familiar with the language of the country you’re going to will give you a head start on being able to communicate confidently, and will give you an easier time in not only making friends, but in ordering food, talking to service workers, and more. 




Remember, even though you’re embarking on a brand new adventure in moving abroad, you’re still going to be performing your regular daily routines and living as you do now – just in a different location and with some tweaks to your routine. Set realistic expectations for what you’ll get up to abroad and get excited for your daily routine in your new home – and not just for the great things you’ll be seeing! 


Be also realistic in the transitional period you should anticipate. Being completely independent and being away from existing friends and family can be tough, so make sure you’re mentally prepared and ready to take on this new journey on your own. 


Now that you’ve considered some of the biggest things you’ll need to prepare for an international move with, you can get started on the process! Learn more about international moving and see what professional international movers can do for you and your transition when you talk to Allied International. As a professional international moving company with many decades of experience under our belts, we’ll give you the best international moving experience possible.