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Where and Why Americans are Emigrating

While a lot of people choose to move overseas because they want a new experience in life, often times they do not want a complete cultural change. It is nice to find people in a new area that comes from the same place that you do, so you can find it easier to make friends, and learn about the new culture together. Furthermore, a lot of people move for similar reasons, so you will find that they are going through the same thing you are. Learn why many Americans are choosing to relocate internationally, and where they are going.

It is true that you can find Americans that have emigrated to anywhere around the world, there are certain countries with a larger portion of Americans than others. The top two countries with Americans living in them are Canada and Mexico. Because of their proximity to the United States, they are countries that have a lot of American customs and cultural similarities. Furthermore, they are in the same time zones as the United States, for the most part, which is an advantage because your body gets used to waking up at certain times and sleeping at certain times, which will be flip flopped if you move across the globe. It is also easy to visit back home, again because of how close they are to the United States.

The next big places that have a large American population are European countries like France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Western Europe is filled with first world countries that may not have identical customs and values to America, but are very similar. Also, many people in those countries speak some English, especially in the United Kingdom, so the language barrier might be less if English is your primary language. Travel back home is not as easy as it is in Canada and Mexico, but there are plenty of flights that go to the United States daily from these countries. One other country that has a lot of Americans residing within its borders is Israel, but this is mostly for religious purposes.

Reasons for a Relocation

As stated above, Israel has a lot of people that emigrate there for religious purposes. This is because Jerusalem is there, which is considered holy for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, which are the three main religions outside of Asia. Religion is not the only reason why people move however, a lot of people are looking for a new form of government from what they have experienced in the United States. Every country is run a little differently, and they might have a set of laws that are more in tune with your beliefs. Also, the tax laws might be different in a new land, which could save you a large amount of money.

Two other reasons why people relocate is for their career or for their education. More and more companies have branches overseas, and are looking for qualified people to work in those locations. If you are willing to relocate to a new land, chances are a company may let you. Also, more students are choosing to study abroad, whether for the experience, or for the cost of college. The world has a lot to offer everyone, and it is no secret that many Americans are looking for new experiences. Many countries provide Americans the opportunity to have those experiences.

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