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Exploring Roll-On Roll-Off Services

One of the things that people worry about the most when the move internationally is how are they going to transport their vehicles. Fortunately, there are options available for your vehicle to be shipped safely and timely. These methods include container service, air moving, and the most popular, roll-on roll-off service. There are many advantages and disadvantages to roll-on roll-off moving, so it is important to do research before making a decision.

First, you should learn what roll-on roll-off service, commonly known as RORO, actually is. When you go with RORO, your vehicle will be put on a ship by rolling it onto a ramp in the cargo deck. It will be surrounded by other vehicles for the duration of the trip. When it is unloaded, it will be rolled back down the ramp to the destination where it will be picked up.

The Pros and Cons of the Service

When you are looking at the advantages of RORO service, you can start with the convenience. The service allows for your vehicle to be ready in the fastest way possible if you choose a seafaring shipment. Loading and unloading is relatively easy, and will most likely be ready to be driven away as soon as it is unloaded. You also need to do less preparation with RORO service as opposed to a container shipment. For example, in a container shipment, they will want the car to be out of gas and the battery to be disconnected for safety purposes. This is not the case in RORO. This will save time not only with getting your car ready for shipment, but also getting it ready for everyday use once it has been shipped. The best advantage though lies with the price. It is usually the cheapest option as air travel is extremely expensive, and renting a container is not exactly cheap.

There are still disadvantages to RORO service however. First off, as compared to air travel, any type of shipment involving a boat is a lot slower. It could take months for your vehicle to arrive. Next, there is a possibility that your car could get damaged. If you rent a container, your vehicle will be the only thing in it. With RORO, it is surrounded by other vehicles, and is loaded by dock workers. While the workers will not purposely be careless with your car, accidents do happen on occasion. It will also be stored on the deck of the ship, and will therefore be exposed to the same elements that the ship itself is exposed to. This includes extreme temperatures either hot or cold. This could lead to damage to the exterior of the car. Last is availability. You will not always be able to find an international mover that allow RORO services. The same is true for some countries’ customs agents. A lot of countries are very particular about how items are packaged in order for them to be allowed in. This is no different for a vehicle.

So, is RORO the right type of shipment for your vehicle? The answer is, it depends. While it is cheaper, it is not as safe, and may not even be an option for you. Before making a decision, you should check with both the moving company you are using, and the customs agency of the country you are moving to, to see if it is even a viable option. If it is, you should check with your insurance company to see what would happen if any damage takes place. If all of these things are approved, then maybe RORO would be a good way to go, just to save some money. If not, then you will have to explore other options that are available to you. Any service that you choose will get your vehicle where it needs to go, so do the research to find the way the suits your needs.

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