Should You Move to Ireland This Year? 

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We’ve all heard about the lore of Ireland – lively pubs and nightlife, lush countrysides, and amazing history. With friendly locals and plenty to do across the weather (not to mention the temperate year-round, though rainy, weather), Ireland seems like an idyllic land removed from the hustle and bustle of many American cities. 


If you’re thinking of making an international move this year, Ireland could just be the place for you. So where are the best places to live in Ireland? Is it best to live in the country’s many historic cities, or along the coast or countryside? Let’s explore what this beautiful country has to offer to see whether or not it’s right for you. 

Best Places to Live in Ireland for Expats

Whether you’re moving  by yourself or with family, Ireland has a ton of amazing cities and towns for you to call home. 




Located in western Ireland, the beautiful city of Galway is a great, vibrant town that combines city living with small-town living in many different ways. This college town is full of arts and cultural hubs, and hosts a number of lovely arts festivals in the summer, as well as the Galway races. 




Belfast is a beautiful growing city that is located near the capital of Dublin, but with lower housing prices and day-to-day expenses. This city is also rich with culture and nightlife but is also located just close enough to the Ulster Highlands for a beautiful day trip or weekend getaway. 




Though the most expensive area on our list, there’s no mistaking Dublin as the hotspot of the country, and for good reason. This capital city has a little bit of everything – rich culture, tons of historic spots to see and learn about, a booming nightlife and restaurant scene, multiple universities, and more. 




This town is a hotspot for tourists during the summer, and it’s not hard to figure out why once you’ve visited the place. This town is full of cute shops, cottages, and homes all painted in a whimsical fashion, and features a bustling downtown area. Located against a stunning backdrop of both the mountains and the sea, Westport is just the place to be. 




Located in County Cork, this seaside town is the picturesque village you’ve been dreaming of. This town has everything you could ask for – amazing fishing spots, unmatched seafood, some of the best restaurants in the country, and old-timey cobblestone streets that will take you back in time. 




Just 15 minutes outside of Dublin lies Skerries, a seaside town that features beautiful beaches and will make you feel like you’re far, far away from city life. 




Dunmore East is a small fishing village along the Waterford Coast. This small town will give travelers a welcome and needed escape from their everyday life, while also providing great nightlife, restaurants, and more amidst this tight-knit community. 


Whether you’re looking to just spend some extended time in Ireland or are planning a permanent move, make sure you have the right international movers on your side. At Allied International, we’ll have you covered from start to finish, and handle all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.