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Keeping Yourself Safe in International Locations

When you move to a new country, it can be a difficult transition. You might not be familiar with all of the local laws and customs, and feel like you are just not fitting in the way you would like to. While you feel this way on the inside, you may also be projecting that to others as well. This could leave you open to predators that will try to take advantage of your, or possibly even harm you. Here are some tips to make sure that you are staying safe at your new international home.

The first couple things that you can do, is make sure you are not falling victim to all of the same concerns you had about being safe in your homeland. You will want to avoid doing things like walking home alone at night, accepting rides from a questionable looking taxi cab, and not putting yourself in a vulnerable position for a potential attacker or mugger. These rules apply for wherever you go, and you do not want to forget them. Also, keep an eye on anything that you are bringing with you that contains valuable items or information. Your luggage, wallet, purse, or backpack should always be kept at arm’s length and should never be left unattended.

Strength in Numbers

Once you have made your move, chances are you have made some new friends as well. Make sure they know if you are going out or traveling in general, that way if you need help, they know where you are. They should have your contact information, just as you should have theirs. If you can, ask them to come with you while you do go out. It is a proven fact that most muggers will not choose to mug a group of people near as often as an individual person. However, whether you go out in a group, or just by yourself, make sure you watch your level of intoxication. If you are in a group, make sure someone is sober within the group that can keep an eye on everyone else. If you are by yourself, it is a better idea to call someone that you know to give you a ride home, than to try and make it home while you are under the influence. Intoxicated people are much more likely to be robbed, often times without even knowing it, than someone that is completely sober.

You can also do a lot to keep yourself safe by the way you act and dress. If you look like a tourist, you are much more susceptible to attack than someone who looks like a local. Many cultures are quite different to America, and therefore they dress and act completely different from their American brethren. The way you carry yourself can make you stick out like a sore thumb just as much as the outfit you are wearing. Another way someone can prey upon cultural differences is by pretending to be a cab service when they are actually looking to kidnap or rob you. In America, cabs are commonplace. And with the rising popularity of apps that allow regular people to act as taxis, the cars that they drive are not always marked. While you are overseas, make sure you only use taxi services that are clearly marked and are from companies that you recognize around the city.

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