The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist

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Wondering how to move abroad in 2022? Allied International is here to help with everything you need to know about moving permanently to another country. Though moving abroad is a huge decision many may find intimidating, becoming an expat and living in another country holds a lot of appeal and possibility that a lot of people just can’t seem to resist. So what do you need to know about moving abroad in 2022, and how do you pull the whole thing off? We’ve got your complete checklist for moving abroad this year to get you off to the right start. 


What is Moving Abroad Like During COVID? 

Before we get to the checklist, let’s address the elephant in the room. Can you even move abroad during COVID? Are there extra regulations in place for expats during the continuing pandemic? 


In short, yes, there are more regulations in many areas during this time, and relocating will require even more research and preparation than it had before, but it is still doable for many places. We’ll address all of this and more in our checklist. 


If you’ve already decided to move overseas, but aren’t quite sure where to go yet due to COVID guidelines, let’s go over how to move abroad during the pandemic. With many restrictions lifted again in many different countries, you have many more possibilities than before when it comes to moving from the United States. 


When moving abroad during COVID, make sure to research the country you want to go to’s restrictions on accepting new citizens or issuing new visas. You’ll also want to take into account the healthcare system in your new country and how their healthcare applies to and covers foreigners or those living there on visas, and figure out how that impacts you. Also look into the culture and general attitude of the country toward the pandemic and see if that aligns with your’s. 


Expat Checklist for Moving Abroad

Now that we’ve covered some things to watch out for when moving abroad during COVID, let’s get into what to take into account before you make your move. 


Decide on Your Country & Gather Documents

Before anything else, you’ll want to choose your destination and gather and apply for the documents you need to enter and stay in the country long term. This can differ from country to country, but will usually involve identifying documents and visas. 


Find Work

Looking for a job overseas can be tough from where you are. If you’re already working remotely and have approval from your job, you’re already all set,  but otherwise you’ll want to find work located in your new country. 


Find Accommdations 

Check living costs and assess whether you can afford to live in the country you’re investigating. Look into housing situations (temporary or permanent) and make sure you can afford your living situation (especially if you haven’t found a job abroad yet). 


Figure Out Your Healthcare Situation

Investigate expat health insurance options, or research whether the healthcare system in your new home covers expats or those living in the country on visas. Your current US healthcare plan may or may not cover you while abroad, so check with them as well. 


Check the Logistics

Once you’ve figured out these aspects, prepare for not only your move itself, but for learning the language in your new country and how you’ll be getting around and living life day-to-day in your new home. 


Tie Up Loose Ends

From paying off bills to transferring utilities at your old home, tie up any loose ends you might have in the United States before heading to your new country. 


Get Your Pre-Flight COVID Test.

The last thing you’ll need before you hop your flight is your negative PCR COVID test. This is usually required for entry into most countries, and most will also require a vaccination card or proof of recovery from the virus in the last 30 days. 


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