Tips and Tricks to Take the Stress Out of Your Chicago International Move

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International moving can be really stressful – especially during the summer. There’s a constant anxiety as you begin packing everything that you’ll run out of time, or pack something too early and have to unpack everything to use it again. Once everything is packed up, there’s that feeling that you’ve forgotten something. On top of all of that, just changing your home base in general is enough to put you under a lot of emotional stress and strain, even more if you are moving to a new country.


How to Make Moving Less Stressful

Though your move may never be totally stress-free, there are a lot of ways to take the emotional strain down a few pegs. There’s a lot of change and uncertainty involved with moving, so it’s understandable to be going through a lot of different emotions while packing up all of your things.


It’s important to address and work through your emotions while conducting a move, in addition to just pushing through and getting all of your physical items together. It’s important to approach a move rationally, and in an organized manner in order to make sure you’re not adding on unnecessary stress when you’re already in a tumultuous transition period. Read below for some tips and tricks to lower your stress during a move.


Tips to Take the Stress Out of Moving

  1. Accept that no move is going to be completely stress-free. Be realistic in your expectations for yourself and for the moving process, and don’t overdo it or take on too much at once.
  2. Check in with yourself frequently. Don’t ignore yourself or emotions while trying to get a move handled. Having a move handled efficiently doesn’t mean ignoring your feelings when you’re feeling anxious or sad and just pushing through for the sake of pushing through.
  3. Having to move a lot of unnecessary items when you’re already stressed will only make things harder for you (both short and long term!). Take the time to declutter and sort of what you want to donate, give away or get rid of. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort by eliminating unneeded items.
  4. Stay organized. Make sure you know where all of your things are, and establish a system for packing and make a list to ensure that you’re not forgetting anything. Keeping track of everything in your head will just make you more stressed out and will make it harder to focus on what’s important at the time. Write everything down and check things off as they’re completed.
  5. Embrace Change. A lot of people struggle when they leave their old home and are now faced with a new space to get used to, as well as a new routine and new set of surroundings. Stay positive, and embrace things as they come. Create a new routine for yourself, whether just at home, or in your commute, or just in exploring your new area a little at a time. It takes time to get used to a new space – allow yourself to process and adapt.


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