What to Know as an American Moving to Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand cityscape

If you’re like a lot of Americans, you’re looking to pull off an international move in 2022, and see what life abroad has to offer you! 

One of the most popular countries for Americans to move to is Thailand, a beautiful country known for its low cost of living, beautiful beaches, and hospitality. If you’re interested in moving to one of Thailand’s amazing cities or beachside towns, now’s your time! However, make sure you have the tools and knowledge you need to head to Thailand and know what to expect from the culture, housing, and more. 

A big hub for expats or international workers in 2022 is Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city. This city is absolutely hustling and bustling almost 24/7, and always has something going on. If you’re scoping out Bangkok for your new home, we’ve got the complete guide on Bangkok living as an American. 


How to Find a Job in Bangkok

If you’re leaving it all behind to pursue a new career in Thailand, Bangkok is a great location to work out of. Make sure you understand that Thai salaries are often significantly lower than Americans due to the low cost of living, but some Thai companies will offer you a competitive salary even by American standards. To be prepared for your interview, you’ll want to make sure of a few things:





Bangkok Cost of Living

As we mentioned prior, Thailand’s cost of living is much lower than that of the United States. Especially if you’ve negotiated an American-level salary, you’ll be able to live very comfortably in Bangkok. Though the city has the highest rent prices in the country, they’re using comparable or still less than many cities in the United States (and significantly less than cities like New York or Los Angeles). Food, transportation, and utilities are also comparable or less than what you’re used to in the US. 

Foreigners are allowed to purchase land or housing in Bangkok and Thailand as long as you can enter the country legally. 


Cultural Differences

Before you move to any country, you should properly research the customs and general culture of the area before you head there. Thailand, for example, often has a dual pricing program in many places – one for locals and one for foreigners. Additionally, cultural differences like the lack of social acceptance for public displays of affection, or touching the top of people’s heads should be noted. 

Overcoming the language barrier and learning Thai will also greatly help you in settling into the country, but while you take time to learn the language, these tips can help you out in the meantime. 

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