Where to Live in Italy for Expats?

Getting sick of the United States, or looking for a change of scenery or occupation in another country? Italy could be a great place for you to discover yourself and what other countries have to offer you. Italy certainly offers expats a change of pace and lifestyle from that of the United States, and will let you explore a whole new world in terms of culture, food, scenery, and attitude.


Though the Northern and Southern parts of Italy are vastly different in terms of customs, food, culture, and even dialect, you’re sure to find the right fit for you throughout the beautiful country. Plus, especially with its plethora of beautiful and large modern cities, plus amazing coastal towns, Italy brings a little something different to the table for everyone.


Best Places to Live in Italy

When looking for a new place to live in Italy as an expat, you’ll want to look for places that bring you a mix of classic Italian culture and the modern scene Italy brings to the table in terms of music, food, fashion and more.


Not to mention, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather many Italians enjoy year round, while always having proximity to so many cultural hubs and neighboring cities. Even if you don’t settle down in one area, doesn’t mean you can’t visit everywhere else in the region!


So where are the best cities to live in Italy for foreigners? Let’s break it down. 




When you think of Milan, odds are you immediately think of the city’s legendary fashion scene, but it’s much more than that. Though this region will certainly bring you amazing clothing, fabrics, tailoring, and cutting edge looks, it’s diversity, livliness, and industriousness is what puts it on the map.


Milan is perfect for those whole love the urban jungle, and who don’t mind crowded city streets and an abundance of concrete. This city is a hub for finance, fashion, technology, and also features a ton of beautiful ancient Italian history and amazing cultural institutions. It’s extremely walkable, has great public transportation, and allows expats to experience a fantastic mix of classic and modern Italy.




If you’re looking for more of a quieter, laid-back lifestyle in a location that’s not too far removed from the action, you’ll find your match in Lake Como. 


Located not far from Milan, this area features idyllic lakefront towns that will provide you with a blissful and scenic lifestyle, while having access to plenty of major services and great restaurants and cultural hubs. Plus, it’s surronded by beautiful mountains that will provide you with the perfect place to go hiking, mountain biking, sailing, windsurfing, and more.




As an internationally connected industrial hub, this city already has a pretty sizable expat population. Though its a financial center in the country, if you want to use Brescia as a base, and enjoy all of its beautiful shops, boutiques, clubs, restaurants, bars and more while also positioning yourself for being able to travel elsewhere, this is the place to do it. 


Brescia is located a centralized point in Italy that allows you access to Mantova, Verona, Venice, Padua, Firenze, Rome, and even Munich in less than 6 hours. Plus, this city offers an amazing urban lifestyle and beautiful climate all its own with plenty to offer those who enjoy summer and winter activities. 




Located in Tuscany, Pisa is one of the region’s crown jewels. In comparison to its neighboring Florence and Lucca, Pisa offers a cheaper lifestyle and better home rental and buying prices – while being convenitantly located nearby the sea and gives a quieter life than the cities around it. 


Pisa might not be a big as Florence, but it’s easily walkable and features an amazing historic center and great bars and restaurants. 


When looking to relocate to Italy, take into account your budget and desired lifestyle before making the right choice for you. Once you’ve made your choice, however, make sure you’re working with Allied International to haved the best international moving experience possible.