Why You Should Consider Greece for an International Move

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Is Greece the next big expat haven or destination? For many looking for a balance between busy, bustling cities, beautiful beaches, and lush mountainsides and landscapes, Greece offers nearly everything you could want. From its tourist-friendly islands to huge mountain ranges, vibrant cities, and incredible history, this country has a ton to offer travelers and those looking to settle down alike. If you’re considering a move to this country this year, read on for the best reasons to move to Greece in 2022. 


What Greece Has to Offer

Though many people are of course attracted to Greece and the Greek lifestyle due to its incredible history and laid-back approach to living, the country has even more to offer than you’d initially think. From a low cost of living, to incredible weather, and plenty to see, do and take in, Greece is a fantastic option for those looking for a change from their current lifestyle. 


Plus, if you’re looking to settle down in Greece, the country has a special visa in place that grants you a path to citizenship plus a passport if you intend to buy a home or invest at least $300,000 in real estate. This is much cheaper than in most European countries! Greece is also looking to introduce a special visa aimed at attracting digital nomads to the country. 


Reasons to Move to Greece for Expats

If you’re looking for even more reasons to settle down in Greece this year, we’ve got a couple more reasons up our sleeve so you can see if this country is right for you. 




On top of its foreigner-friendly visa laws, Greece is also super affordable, especially when compared to the United States. Everyday expenses like food and public transport are significantly cheaper than in the United States, and rent for an apartment can be over 50% cheaper than that of the U.S.




Greece emphasizes the importance of family, transition, and spending time outside. English is widely spoken in many areas of Greece and many areas, particularly in Athens and on the beautiful islands cater to both locals and English speakers alike. 




One of the biggest pulls for those looking to move to Greece is its beautiful weather and climate. Though there are 4 seasons, Greek winters are much milder than most places in the United States and have dry, hot summers that appeal to many. 




Greece has a great healthcare system, especially in Athens and other major cities like Thessaloniki. Even if you’re a traveler, emergency care is free, and there are tons of pharmacies around for prescriptions and over-the-counter care alike. 




Though Greece is famous for its amazing history and culture, you won’t truly get it until you live here! There are countless things to do and explore in Greece, from the Parthenon and Temple of Athena to smaller historical landmarks and beautiful parks and monuments. 


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